Current Classes

Minnesota Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival

Sunday, September 15th. Belle Plaine, MN.
A conference offering over a dozen workshops over the course of one day in a beautiful, rural setting.

Lise Wolff will be co-hosting and teaching at the Festival.

This will be our 15th year of promoting the plant talented all around us. We have handpicked the people we have found to be great teachers and asked them to present classes that we ourselves would love to attend. We can't speak highly enough about our line up. Connie Karstens is a tried a true crowd pleaser. Organized and interesting, with original information. She will be speaking about herbs for aging gracefully and another workshop on Chaga. Laura Sanden is also a seasoned practitioner (22 years) out in Excelsior sharing her insight into flower essences for both common life experiences, as well as the more "magical" uses of herbs. Again tried and true from practice. Betsy Nelson is a wonderful speaker, who I cannot say enough about. Every time she opens her mouth to talk about plants as food I tell her "Teach! I want to take your classes!" So here she is, teaching two classes: one on foraged food and another about culinary herbs and spices. Elizabeth Heck is a solid teacher and will focus on plant ID and botany. Erin Piorier is fantastic. Lise Wolff will be teaching both Herbs for the Musculo-skeletal system, as well as a new class about matching plants to people. There will be lunch time plant walks, classes for beginners on making tinctures and salves, a lunchtime dessert buffet, a packet with handouts from the teachers. Class descriptions and registration info are available here.

LOCATION: the beautiful Prairie Oaks Institute in Belle Plaine MN, 45 minutes from the Twin Cities.

We've got an early bird discount for signing up before September 2nd.

"I have devoted my adult life to the study & practice of professional health care. I have studied with quite a few herbalists and doctors who use herbal medicine; Lise Wolff is the finest herb teacher I have had. Taking Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons Herb Class is something I wish I had done as a young man before acquiring any nursing, naturopathic medicine and oriental medicine degree for what Lise Wolff conveys in her herb course is accessible, foundational, practical. Knowing the local plants’ distinct qualities, habitat, properties, personalities as neighbors, medicines, legends, Lise Wolff presents information in three dimensions to students. She introduces the possibility to novice lay people and health care professional alike of reading a person’s condition and introducing the specific, appropriate local plant medicine to heal disease. Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons Herb Class will introduce and equip any student to be a real herbalist."

"'There is no greater service a man can render to his country than to introduce a useful plant into its culture.' Thomas Jefferson

"The same holds true for most any individual student who would take this introduction to herbal medicine."

"I consider Lise's 3 Seasons Class to be the catalyst that helped me to identify and nurture what has become my life's passion: helping others through herbal medicine. I took several of Lise's one-time classes, became intrigued with herbs, and decided to take the plunge and invest my time and money into her 3 Seasons Class. Best. Investment. Ever.

"The 3 Season classes include people with many levels of experience and knowledge - I was definitely one of the beginner level students and wondered what I had gotten myself into! However, Lise is a master teacher and so good at explaining details and making sure everyone understands and feels included in class discussion and activity.

"Along with Lise's expertise and instruction in class, I learned so much from sitting in on "live" consultations with Lise and her clients, getting hands on experience with how to conduct a consult and invaluable tips on determining which herbs and preparations might give support in each situation.

"The time commitment of the class lends itself to developing friendships which continue long after the class is over. I so enjoy seeing several herbalist friends from my 3 Seasons Class at events or meeting over a cup of tea - hopefully herbal! The greatest longterm benefit, however, has been Lise's ongoing support whenever I have questions or a new discovery to share. Priceless."

"I took 3 Seasons of Herbal Wisdom over ten years ago and have such fond memories of it. Foraging for wild plants, tasting the medicines and having lectures outside in the elements was such a relief from conventional education. Lise Wolff so generously transmits her passion and practical knowledge for the local flora with a mix of historical and contemporary data, personal clinical experience and hands-on practice with students. The wealth of teachings from this class became the foundation for my dream of becoming a professional herbalist. I now run a busy practice and feel so grateful! More importantly, a very intimate relationship developed with the land and its common weeds, this little know rich world of curiosity growing in our own backyards. It is amazing how you become useful to friends, family and your community after one year hanging out with Lise, whose teachings have impacted thousands by now and likely saved millions in healthcare costs! Agrimony, solomon seal, blue vervain...what a precious time I spent that year..."
“Lise Wolff's Three Seasons class is an invaluable and highly accessible course for anyone interested in herbalism and greater health through whole plant medicine. Francis Bonaldo referred to it as being worth 3 years of any other program rolled into one and he was absolutely right! Throughout the year, Lise provided deep and detailed information on over 40 of the most well-known and useful western medicinal plants. She held nothing back and freely shared the information she has gathered over her 25+ years of experience. As a group, we learned to harvest each plant in their optimal season, creating an entire medicinal kit of tinctures from fresh materials. Additionally, Lise encouraged us to start working with clients-whether family, friends, or acquaintances-immediately and provided us with both the information and skills that helped us feel safe and confident in our own practice. Lise's Three Seasons class jump-started my career as an herbalist. Much of the success I have experienced in working with clients is due to the solid foundation and great mentorship I received during her class.”